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The Details.

  • Amount: up to $4000 available for combined use of Tuition Assistance (TA) and CA funds. Renews each fiscal year (FY).
  • What Schools Qualify: Civilian credentials and licenses through approved credentialing agencies.
  • What Can Funds be used for?: payment of credentialing expenses for classroom, hands-on, online/blended training, study guides, materials, textbooks, fees, exams, and/or recertification of credentials.
  • Who Funds it?: The Department of Army through the Department of Defense


Army CA Approved Vendors.

Find the Right Fit.

There are tons of schools and training programs already approved as vendors – including MedCerts. If you choose a vendor not already pre-approved, you can submit a Soldier CA Request to have the institution vetted for approval. When choosing a vendor, consider the format of their program (online vs in person), if their trainings lead to in-demand careers and what type of support they provide students. You can find a full list of Credentialing Assistance approved vendors through the Army COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) site here.

Army COOL-1

Credentialing Assistance vs Tuition Assistance (TA) Understanding your Eligibility.

Tuition Assistance and Credentialing Assistance are funded through the same pool of money. Service members are offered a total of $4000 each fiscal year to use towards Credentialing Assistance and Tuition Assistance. If you choose to use both TA and CA in a fiscal year, you cannot exceed the $4000 total. 

Army COOL Program Eligibility Service members must meet one of these requirements:

  • Regular Army
  • Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) pursuant to Title 10 and Title 32
  • U.S. Army Reserve (USAR)
  • Army National Guard (ARNG) in an active drilling status with a designation as satisfactory
  • Ranks include enlisted, warrant officers, and officers

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“The course was easy to understand and very informative. The staff took great care of me. They were very supportive and helped me to focus on things I could work on in order to prepare for the exam. My Career Service Coach was so good! She helped me with a mock interview and gave me questions in advance to prepare. She also helped a great deal with the job search. As a result I landed a great job in the field that I studied in!!”

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