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100% Online Healthcare & IT Career Training

MedCerts is partnering with 4H Outreach & Educational Services to provide online healthcare and IT career training to you! You can earn national certification for a career in healthcare or IT in just months. Our programs allow each student the ability to move through the training at their own pace, at the library, at work, or at home. There is no more waiting for a course to be scheduled in the classroom; you can start the process today!

Air Force Wife Randie Plonka started MedCert's Pharmacy Tech program in May 2016.

Qualified and In-Demand:

Anywhere life takes you.

Obtaining a certification in the current job market is a shortcut to getting a better job opportunity faster and advance your career. Today’s employers are looking at certifications as a benchmark of employee’s knowledge and skills. Your National certification shows them that you are an expert who can successfully perform the key job requirements in your field.

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  • Certifications in high-demand, portable fields
  • Benchmark recognized by employers all over the US and internationally
  • 24-hour online access to all course materials and video
  • Course materials and exam prep included
  • Live one-on-one mentoring support

  • On-demand access to subject matter experts
  • Certificate of completion and FREE certification exam
  • Exam prep tools including practice exams & online assessments
  • Job placement and resume building support
  • Twelve month access to courses, student support, and career services


Training program highlights:


Online, Self-paced Training

eLearning components that keep students engaged, stimulated, and entertained throughout their training.


Hands-On Experience

Externships, job shadowing or part-time employment, whatever works best for the program you need.


89% Exam Pass Rate

Subject Matter Expert tutoring that ensures students are ready to sit for and pass the national certification exam.

How many Certifications will I be eligible for upon completion/graduation?

Most of our programs are considered “Dual Certification” programs, and thus have more than one target certification associated with them. In general, for each of our 6-month programs you can expect to be prepared and eligible for a minimum of TWO (2) Certifications. For the shorter 3-4 month programs, there is likely a single target certification.

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Alexandria C.
Oceanside, CA

Pharmacy Technician

I decided on the Pharmacy Technician program and absolutely loved it. My experience was amazing, everyone was helpful and answered all of my questions immediately. The best part about MedCerts is the flexibility. I was able to learn at my pace and if i needed help, I was always taken care of.

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